Monday, March 8, 2010

Why Having an Idea Folder is Essential

As a writer, one is bound to experience writer's block from time to time. There are days when I desperately want to write an article, but I just can't think of anything to write about. And then there are days when ideas seem to flow from an endless fountain of inspiration.

Even if I don't plan to write that day, I write down my ideas in an idea folder. This helps tremendously. Not only does it help get me going on days when I would rather be baking than writing, but it prevents me from ever NOT writing due writer's block.

I do this for all the sites I write for, since some fit the style and formatting better on one particular content site than another. Some days, my idea folder will be bulging. Others, it might only have one or two possibilities. The key is just having these on hand and being prepared for whenever the inevitable writer's block might strike.

When I have exhasted my idea folder, I usually go hunting for more ideas to build it up again. Sometimes this means reading blogs or other articles on my favorite websites. Other times it means taking a trip to the library and reading some new books to help fill my mind with new knowlegde. Simply taking a walk outside can inspire me too. Wherever I find my idea, I make sure to write it down.

My idea folder works for me in preventing writer's block. What are some other tips you use in dealing with writer's block?

Demand Studios Now Accepting Canadian and UK Writers!

For those of you who live in Canada or the UK, you'll be happy to know that Demand Studios is now accepting applications from these regions.

Demand Studios is one of the best upfront pay content sites on the web right now. Although now I don't write for them save an article here or there, it was a great place to write when I needed upfront pay. Many writers make their living working from home over at DS as a freelance writer. You can easily make a decent part-time income there as well!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Earnings Update

March is officially here! Spring is literally just around the corner, and that makes me very happy! Although February was a bleak month in terms of weather, I managed to stay quite productive and write a lot.

I launched my first niche blog mid-month, and so far, I have earned almost $2 in adsense from this site. With only a small amount of content, it is already earning, which I am excited about.

February was my best month at Suite 101. I tried really hard to make it to the 50 article mark, but only managed to get up to 45. All said and done, I wrote 21 new articles- smashing my goal of 8! I also made $18.58 for the month, my highest earnings yet. Most of these articles were written mid-month as well, so March should bring about an even bigger increase in earnings.

My goal for eHow was 4 new articles, but I only wrote 3. Part of this was due to the publishing issues the site was having in the beginning of the month, and I wanted to see if it would clear up. I made $9.15 on eHow, meaning I didn't make payout. I contribute most of this to the fact that there were only 28 days in February.

I orginally wanted to write 4 examiner articles this month as well, but I have decided to let it go. There just isn't any real residual income coming in from that site. You only make money if you write, and it seems like Examiner is turning more into an upfront pay site. So for those reasons, I am quitting, choosing to focus my efforts elsewhere.

I didn't manage to query a magazine or write any fiction, but this is because we have decided to move. I've been busy packing and preparing for our relocation to a new city. This means my writing time will be limited in March, so I have adjusted my goals accordingly.

Here's the grand total for the month:
  • Google Adsense- $5.06 (highest month to date!)

  • Suite 101- $18.58

  • eHow- $9.15

  • TOTAL= $32.79

My March goals are...

  • Write 10 new articles on Suite 101

  • Write 4-5 new eHow articles

  • Write 3 articles for niche blog (I only wrote 7 last month)

I think I can easily exceed or meet these goals if I stay on task and focused. Like I said, we will be packing and moving to a new city this month, so I'll definately have my hands full for a while!

How was your earnings in Febraury? Did you see an increase or decrease due to the Olympics and Valentine's day? What are your writing goals for March?


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