Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Demand Studios Frusteration

I've been writing for DS since the middle of July. Up until now, I've had little complaints in regards to writing for this company. Writing for DS has provided me with quite a bit of extra cash we desperately seem to need. But these past few weeks the cash flow has been next to nothing.

In September, I have written 9 articles for DS. 7 of those were sent back for a rewrite. I choose not to rewrite 3 of them, had another 3 approved after the rewrite and also my very first rejection.

All of this has made me quite frusterated with the CE's there. I had to send in an appeal for the rejection since it was unfounded. The other rewrites were nitpicky. After lurking on the forums, I've discovered other writers have been having this problem as well. Where they previsously would have gotten the majority of articles approved from the get-go, they are now being onslaughted with a huge amount of rewrites.

Has anyone else been having this problem? Does DS typically go through periods like this where articles are heavily sent back for rewrites, followed by more calmer, normal periods? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

DS is still my primary source of income, but it's starting to become my primary source of frusteration as well.


  1. My experience has been that there is no constant at DS because you never know who is going to edit your article. You may luck out and get a good editor, or you may end up getting a nit-picky editor. It's a crap shoot.

    Also, I really don't like the idea that they can take my name and my writing and represent it in any way they want. I have stopped writing for DS.

    My philosophy is that if they can make enough off of my articles to make it worth paying me $15 up front, I can make that much writing for residual sites.

    I personally have been focusing on Suite 101 because they have a great pay out and I really think I will end up making much more money with them in the long run than I would make with DS up front.

    I hope if you decide to stick with DS that it goes better for you. Keep me posted, I would love to hear how it goes. Good Luck!

  2. Hi Rachel, I registered with DMS in April 2010 but did not actually start writing until December properly every day. Now I write 5-6 articles a day and get about 400 dollars a week on a good week. My account is getting fatter, but at the same time I find it really frustrating when some silly comment comes back from CE and I have to rewrite an article. Like last week I wrote about a recipe and the CE sent it back asking "and what do you do with the margarine you have not used up?" my answer: "put it back in the fridge...(duuuuuhhhhhh)" or asking me what i mean by doing push-ups: CE: "what exactly do you push up during a push-up???" for a weight loss fitness article, etc. often i think it's not the readers who do not have common sense but the CE's. On the other hand, I have earned over 1000 dollars in the past 3 weeks, which is good so I should shut up and get down to writing, but it's very very very very frustrating when I get articles sent back like the one about margarine and push ups...



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