Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Dismal Earnings Report... November Earnings

My earnings this month were virtually non-existant due to the fact that I hardly wrote anything. Severe morning sickness is to blame, as is sleeping over 12 hours every day! Here are the stats:

eHow- $15.50 (25% DROP!)
Examiner- $1.02
Demand Studios- $15.00
Google Adsense- $2.23
Suite 101- $6.54
Private Clients- $0.00
Total= $40.29

I was disappointed that my eHow earnings dropped so drastically. I don't expect to earn much more than that in the coming months as I've pretty much stopped writing for them.

My Suite 101 earnings were also disappointing- I didn't even make payout! Although I added no new articles in November, I still thought I would have reached the payout. My guess is that November was just a slow month on the internet overall.

I am currently less than fifty cents away from my payout with I only wrote one or two short articles in order to stay current with them last month, but I fully intend to leave that site behind for good after December.

Since my sickness prevented me from writing much, I only wrote one article at Demand Studios- such a measly number compared to all my other months spent working for them!

My goals for December are not ambitious, but since I am getting back into the groove of writing, they will be challenging enough. I plan on writing at least 20 articles at DS and several at Suite 101 (I am required by contract to write 10 articles for Suite every 3 months). The good news is that I am feeling much better, and my morning sickness is finally subsiding! So I should have no problem meeting my goals for this month :-)

How did you do in November?

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