Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update on My Keyword Academy Progress

As most of my readers know, I started the Keyword Academy this month to help boost my online income, learn more about SEO and target better keywords. My original goal for the month was to finish the core videos and compile my list of keywords. So far, I have watched all the core videos (which were by far the most helpful thing about TKA!) and a few of the webinars. I also have come up with a few potential keywords to start my niche sites.

I went ahead and bought all my domain hosting from Host Gator. I like that I can host as many domains as I want for only $7 a month! I also went ahead and bought 2 domain names and have already set up one of the 2. So far, I have 3 posts on this one site and plan to add at least 3 more before starting on the next one.

Even though the first month with TKA was free, I plan to continue my membership for the time being ($33 month special) because I've found it extremely helpful. I've learned more this past month than I have over the course of the year!

As a new segment to this blog, I will be updating on my TKA experience at least once a month. I will share my failures, progress and accomplishments regarding earning online income from my own websites. I hope this will help further contribute to this blog and help others who may be contemplating delving into residual and passive income online as well.

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