Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Earnings Update

It's the first of October! Last month really did fly by, and I feel as if this month will too. September was not the best writing month for me, I am sad to say. I had many projects I was working on around the house that distracted me and was also feeling low in morale due to an excess amount of DS rewrites. Any-who, here are the stats for month:

eHow: $17.41 (37 articles)
Suite 101: $8.96 (11 articles) (will be paid from Aug with Sept for a total of $13.29)
Examiner: $2.41 (24 articles)
Demand Studios: $165 (11 articles)
Adsense: $2.46
Private Clients: $9.31

Total: $205.55

Definitely my worst month yet. I only added two articles to eHow, but surprisingly my earnings nearly doubled from last month. My Suite earnings also doubled, due to my increase in articles there (however, many of these articles came from abandoned rewrite requests on DS). I really lost motivation to write for Examiner (they are barely giving me pennies) and thus, missed payout by a few bucks. I am hoping to reach payout this next month within the first two weeks so I can get my 25 bucks and leave the company for good.

I wrote significantly less for DS, primarily due to the lack of good titles in my preferred style. As I wrestled with new formats, I got quite a bit of rewrites and even an uncalled for rejection (which was later taken off my record after I appealed it). This made me unmotivated to put out very many articles. However, near the end of the month, I wrote more after mastering two new style categories, including Fact Sheets, which pay $7.50 but take 20-30 minutes to write. This was definitely a challenging month for me at DS!

So what are my goals for October?

eHow- write 2-3 new articles or when idea strikes
Suite 101- write 5 new articles
Examiner- write enough for payout
DS- write 20 articles total or make $300
Private Clients- send in 5 queries to print magazines (1-2 per week)

Since I will be kept busy finishing research and starting my novel as well as planning for a Halloween party, I think this will be plenty challenge for me!

How did you do for September? Did you meet your goals? What are your goals for October?

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  1. I totally got burnt out on Demand Studios a few months ago. I tried, a few weeks ago, to give it another go, but my heart wasn't into it. My goal for October is to write at least 3-4 articles for Suite101.



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