Wednesday, October 7, 2009

eHow's Ongoing Sweeps

Well, it seems eHow has done it again. I have only been writing for eHow for a total of four months, but this is the second large sweep I have seen. Seems like my theory on writing for eHow is probably correct.

I had two of my higher earning articles wiped out without a stated reason. At least in the last sweep they provided a reason.

eHow is a great place to get started with online writing, but I don't think it merits long-term writing success because of these sweeps, lack of editors and lack of communication. That being said, I am glad I started with eHow, because it got my foot in the door, but at the same time, I won't be rushing over to publish new articles any time soon.

For those of you who lost more articles in this sweep- I feel for you. But keep your chin up. Being a writer means dealing with rejection. I've learned, over the past few months, that with every rejection comes a lesson. If we choose to apply that, then we will become better writers.

And if you did not already back up your eHow and other online articles, this is a reminder to do so. You can publish the deleted ones on a different site, such as Suite 101. I use Google Docs for all my online writing. Using a flash drive or external hard-drive is another option. Just don't let your articles sit in a folder on the computer or on the site you published them on, because things like the sweep can happen.

To retrieve lost eHow articles, do a Google search for the title in quotes. Then click on 'catched'. That should get you to the article for at least a couple days after deletion. Hope this helps!

How do you deal with rejection?


  1. Wow, you're a breath of fresh air! I was expecting a long rant, but you've really put it into perspective. I lost more than 20 percent of my articles yesterday - including my highest-earner. :( But you're right - of course they can simply be published elsewhere. No big deal. Thanks for the reminder to not let our emotions take control of things. How do I deal with rejection? Badly. I needed cheering up and you just gave it to me. :)

  2. I'm glad I was able to help you put it perspective- keep on writing!

  3. I agree with you. Ehow is great as a beginning tool for freelance writers. In the meantime, start searching for another online destination, such as hubpages or associated content. Most importantly, keep the articles.

    You have numerous articles. You're a great writer. Add a lenghty introduction to your articles, and they can be sold elsewhere. Pick up a copy of Articles Market and really pursue Freelance writing.

  4. what a wonderful blog you got here, this minute im making a decision i will do this online-writing-thing to have side earning. n guess what, your blog and this will be my compasses. keep writing, ..regards

  5. Vizionheiry,
    I do re-post my articles on another site, but I will look into that book you recommended.

    I am so happy to be of help! There is always something to learn when it comes to writing and online writing in general. The number one thing to remember is NEVER GIVE UP, and you will be successful. Try to write everyday, remember to diversify your earnings stream and write, write, write!

  6. I also write for eHow and have had some of my articles removed. It does not bother me too much since those articles were not generating too much income for me anyway.

  7. Great blog Rachelle. Just want to let you know about searching for lost eHow articles in google. you click on the word, Cached not catched. :-)



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