Friday, February 12, 2010

eHow UK Compensation

With the recent eHow UK fiasco, eHow informed writers last month that they would be receiving "generous compensation" for the earnings lost with articles displayed on the UK site. Yesterday, this bonus came in, with most of the writers on eHow receiving a 10% bonus on top of their monthly earnings in January. I myself received an additional $1.30.

While I am grateful for the extra money (no matter how small), I cannot help but feel jipped by eHow. The UK problem had been going on for the past 6 months, and writers were only compensated a tiny, tiny portion. I saw my earnings drop by 50% when the UK site launched, and the bonus eHow gave me does no justice to the amount I should have recieved. I know many other writers are upset about this as well, since they took a bigger hit with loss earnings.

What does this mean for the future of eHow? I am not sure, but I am hopeful despite all that is going on. I am hopeful that issues will be resolved within the next few months and writers start earning more again. We'll have to see how the next few months play out. If the kinks are still going on come June, I will likely retire my writing there.

How much did you receive in compensation for the UK eHow problem? Do you plan to continue to write for eHow? What is your outlook on the future of the site?


  1. Ya pretty sad. I don't know if you follow my blog, but I posted some interesting info about ehow's bogus justification for the smallness of the UK compensation. Here is the link:

  2. I didn't know how small the compensation would be until I logged in to see - and it just made me glad that I washed my hands of eHow months ago.

  3. I just blogged about this. I really have no way to measure whether anyone's compensation was fair, since a) the eHow algorithm is secret and b) it's not clear how much traffic was taken by the UK sister site.

    I did just blog about my thoughts on the topic, and noted that I received $140 in additional compensation for the UK deal.



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