Monday, February 22, 2010

The Future of eHow?

With less than one week left to the month, I am beginning to have serious thoughts about the direction of eHow's future. After several months of not submitting any new content, I published 3 articles near the beginning of the month but have yet to see any revenue from them. Aside from that, I am also earning half of what I was in January, if that is even possible (And January's earnings were half of October's...).

This makes me very hesitant to waste my time on a site that is likely heading for failure. I don't want eHow to fail, but I am extremely worried this might be the case. It will be interesting to see what my final earnings are for Febuary with eHow.

On another note, my Suite earnings have sky-rocketed. I've already met my all-time earning high! For the remainder of the month, my writing efforts will be concentrated there. With my goal to reach 50 articles on Suite 101 only 6 days away, I am just 17 articles away from reaching that goal. We'll see how I do!


  1. Hi Rachel,
    You know, I've started to wonder the same thing about eHow. I added 10 new articles this year, but my earnings have either stayed the same or dropped by a few dollars each month. I'm interested to see how well your 50 Suite 101 articles did for the month of February. You have had great success there, I really need to consider adding this to my residual income challenge. I have put a lot of my focus into writing for the Examiner, and well you know how that goes once you stop writing. I did have a huge earnings spike when I wrote my 100th article though. I like what you have going here, keep at it and stay strong. I will definitely be adding you to my recommended residual income blog list.

  2. I'm not having any issues with publishing (many are) so maybe I'm just getting lucky, but the earnings are down in Feb - way down.



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