Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Online Writing Goals

My husband and I are currently following Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, and we also like to listen to his show on the radio or podcast every weekday. Last week he talked about goals basically being dreams in workclothes. Goals have to be specific and have a time limit. I decided to write up some more writing goals, and in doing so, came up with a more detailed and specific course of action I want to take with online writing.

2010 Writing Goals Defined

-Increase passive income from $25mo to $100mo by June
**Create 2-3 new niche blogs with 10 pages of content, domain names, SEO focused, pictures**

-Write 10 articles a month at Suite 101 (2.5 a week)
-Write 1-2 articles a month for e-How
-Write 4 articles a month for Examiner (1 a week)

-Continue writing for my existing blogs, At least 2 posts a week
-Buy a domain name (choose a more SEO focused title)
-Comment on 5 blogs per week

Freelance w/ Magazines:
-Send out 1 query every month

I want to build up my passive income, so my main focus this year will be starting niche blogs and writing for Suite 101 and eHow. I've yet to build a successful niche blog, so this is a new area for me. I will be sharing my progress on them throughout the year here on Pen Meets Wallet.

Happy writing!


  1. Wow. Look at those goals. My goals are much more humble, but I am in awe of yours and rooting for you. My goals for 2010: continue to fulfill contract obligations for Suite101. Churn out 100 DS articles in the next month. Build 2 new websites and 2 more blogs. I no longer have faith in eHow, but Suite101 continues to surprise me, so I really need to concentrate my efforts there.

  2. If you follow your goals you should exceed the $100 per month in residual income before June. It sounds like a solid plan.

    I just ordered the Total Money Makeover. I'm anxious to get started.

  3. The key to it all is keywording. I've found that it is not quantity but quality. I take the time to embed primary and latent search index keywords in my ehow articles. The dividends pay off. So before you go into the niche blog arena - spend time working on your system for keyword research and embedding them into your copy. Trust me, these sites, especially eHow I know firsthand thrives on SEO.



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