Monday, January 11, 2010

New Examiner Guidelines

I recieved an email in my inbox today from about some updates they are implementing for their writers. Starting immediately, all articles written by LOCAL Examiners will go through a review process to ensure they meet the following requirements:

-On topic
-Local interest
-200-400 word requirement
-Credibility (link to sources)

Although these have long been requirements for the writers of, they have yet to be enforced, and thus many writers have deviated from the original guidelines in effort to get more pageviews.

The new rules are something to cheer about, because not only will they help clean up the site, but writers will get paid more as well. That's right! For all articles that meet the guidelines, Examiner will pay a flat fee of $1 per article (max of 5 per week) as well as the traditional PPVs. This new payment system goes into effect January 23, 2010.

If you've been debating over whether or not to write for Examiner, this news might affect your decision. Even if your topic is unpopular, you will get paid for each relevant article that you write.

Anyone can apply for a local or national Examiner writing position. If you do, please feel free to use me as your referral- Rachel Campbell, Cincinnati Staycations Examiner.

I am really glad I decided to stick with Examiner, and I'm optimistic about what the future holds for writers there.

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