Friday, January 1, 2010

December Earnings Update

I can proudly say that I met my goal this month, despite it being the holidays. However, I met my goal in an unusual way since the bulk of my earnings did not come from Demand Studios for once.

eHow- $10.40 (33% DROP)
Examiner- $125.83
Suite 101-$7.36
Demand Studios- $75
Google Adsense- $0.93
Private Clients- $0.00
Total= $219.52

My Suite 101 earnings are slightly up, but I did add several new articles this month. I did not blog as much this month as in the past, so my adsense earnings were down, but this was expected. I only wrote 5 articles for DS, but made up for it with my Examiner earnings, which were spectacular. I can only hope that this continues! I turned down any private client work since I was out of town for an extended period of time in December. My eHow earnings were disappointign again-only around $10-which means a 33% drop from November and a 50% drop from October.

My goal for January is to make the same amount ($200), but more than that would be ideal since we are working on saving money for when the baby comes. I may or may not have another print magazine assignment to work on as well, since I got the call that one of my queries was seriously being considered for publication (yay!). I queried this particular magazine way back in May, so it has really given me more motivation to get back to the drawing board. Since magazine writing can be excruciatingly slow, it's important to constantly churn out queries.

Some of my New Years Resolutions include:

  • Clearing clutter from my home to make room for the baby
  • send out 1 query a month to print publications
  • Up my residual income to $100 a month (it's currently near $25)

How did you fare during the month of December? Share your goals and acheivements in the comments below.

(If you're new to online web writing, I encourage you to check out my sidebar where I post several writing opprotunities you can apply for.)


  1. I made right around $1000 in December, a little lower than my actual goal but still not bad. And my biggest goal (and challenge) this year is probably going to be time management.
    Your earnings for Examiner are great! I just signed up a couple days ago, and seeing someone actually making some money there (even if it did take a while) is really encouraging. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Writer at Home. :)

  2. Margo,
    I agree, time management is one of the hardest things about online writing- I get distracted very easily! My most productive work happens when I'm at a "desk" rather than on the couch!

    Great job on your December earnings! I can't wait til I am able to make that much. Got to keep on writing!

  3. Keywords are key to eHow residual earnings. I can't stress how important it is to optimize an ehow Article for latent search index SEO.

    I want to join you in 1 print query a month. For some reason, I'm intimidated by writing a resume, searching for opportunities, then writing a query letter. I really have to get this stuff down as I see it's the core of freelance writing.

  4. Vizionheiry,
    If you are just getting started with print quering, I would recommend you pick up the book, "Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer" by Jenna Glatzer. She guides you through the process step by step in an easy to understand way.

  5. Congratulations on your good month! Can you share how you managed to boost your Examiner earnings so much? You're not still planning to leave Examiner, are you? ;-)

  6. Truthseeker,
    Most of my examiner earnings were from referals that took a while to get credited. I also wrote more than usual, so that boosted my PPV. So, no, I won't be leaving them any time soon!

  7. Hi Rachel,

    Wow - great Examiner earnings. I am the Minnesota Heart Health Examiner, and although I enjoy writing there I haven't experienced earnings like that yet. Congrats and keep up the good work!
    Write Moms

  8. Well we now know why the ehow earnings drop. Likely caused by the ehow UK site optimization. hopefully that will turn around now.



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