Tuesday, August 18, 2009

eHow 50 Article Challenge plus earning udates

Well I have decided to embark on a writing challenge for one of my content sites- eHow. As of now I have 35 articles written for eHow and am challenging myself to complete 15 more by the end of the month. That's a little less than 2 weeks away, so I it's definitely going to be tough but doable.

I really hope that once I get a higher number of articles published there I will start to earn more. As of now, my earnings for August are the worst yet, less than even my first month on eHow. I seem to have quite a bit of "zero" days followed by extremely low earnings the next day. Several other users have reported lower earnings while some have seen a large jump. I am holding out for these last two weeks, however, in hopes that I will reach payout. We'll see.

As for Suite 101, I have completed 4 articles and finally reached over the $1.00 mark. This is much faster than my eHow articles when I first started, so there is a lot of hope there for a nice residual income if I continue to put out articles.

I am also crossing my fingers for payout with Examiner right now as well. If I continue to earn around .50 cents a day, I will reach the $25 payout finally. However, this will require me to write something almost everyday if I can, even though I have seen an increase in page views on days I do not write.

My adsense revenue has already exceeded what it earned last month (still under 10$ and far away from a payout), so that is somewhat encouraging. I also made my first eBook sale (though this was from my sister, so I don't know if I should count that!).
How about you? What are your earnings like for August this far?

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