Monday, August 10, 2009

First Suite 101 earnings and Writing Challenges

Today I went to 'my Suite 101' page and was delighted to discover my articles have started earning! Although the earnings are not yet over 50 cents, something is better than nothing. What was surprising about this is that I only have 3 articles on Suite 101. So that means those articles are earning! I'm looking forward to publishing more articles with Suite 101 in hopes that my pennies soon churn themselves into dollars.

Monday is always a difficult day to get rolling with writing. However, I stayed on track last week for writing goals and hope that I can do the same this week as well! The great thing about being a freelance writer is that I can choose my own hours and work days. So even if I do not meet this week's goal, I can make it up some other time in the month.

Many writers regularly employ 'challenges' for residual income sites, and this has inspired me to consider one myself. I would wait until Sept. to begin any type of challenge, but I wanted to know what site I should focus on.

Have you ever completed a writing challenge? For whom? What was the outcome?


  1. I challenged myself to write 30 articles for eHow one month and it really improved my productivity and earnings. I hope your earnings take off!

  2. Hi Rachel,
    I just completed writing an article a day for August and it had great results.. Glad you like being at Suite.. All the best with your writing!

  3. Thanks for blogging about Suite101. I'm covering them in my blog now.



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