Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Low-down on Writing for eHow

I started writing for eHow about 3 months ago with high expectations to start a passive income revenue stream. So far, with just over 25 articles, I have earned $14.76. Up until now, I thought that was a fantastic amount. I mean, we're just getting started, aren't we? In a couple months, I should be earning double that! Right?

After browsing through many users who document their eHow journeys, I am not sure if this passive income is worth it or not. So far, I have earned only $0.59 per article over the course of three months. Since most of these articles took me twenty minutes or less to write, that comes out to about $1.77 per hour. People, that is less than minimum wage- WAY less. And reading several other bloggers who have been at this for a while now (a year), I don't think they are earning much either.

But the point is that it will continue to earn a nice passive income without any additional work, right? Well, the way I see it, sites like eHow simply make their writers write now and get paid later. If I took my paycheck and gave myself the money through installments over the next year, it would be the same thing.

So what are the pros of using this site?
  • No editors and no waiting period. You can write what you want right away and be published in a matter of minutes. The lack of hassle is what attracts many writers to eHow.
  • Anyone can write. Although many have stated this as a con, I view it as a pro for those just beginning to write. Beginners can build up skills as well as clips.
  • Potential to earn is seemingly unlimited. If eHow stays up forever, then your articles will earn forever.
For now, I will not be focusing my efforts on eHow, despite these pros. It was a wonderful introduction to online writing, but I feel my writing has more value than $0.59 per article. Instead, I will direct my efforts to other sites that pay well such as Demand Studios. I will continue to write articles when the pulse strikes, though I will not be setting any goals.


  1. The key to earning more at ehow is keyword analysis, which is something you don't have to do with Demand Studios. You've summed up the pros of eHow pretty well. But if you're not earning enough at ehow, there are plenty of other rev-share websites that might be a better fit for your work. Keep at it! And good luck!

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