Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Researching for eHow Article Topics and Keywords

The past two days I have been researching ideas for future eHow articles. I now have a goal to have over 50 articles published by the end of August on eHow. But since I have 11 articles that are no earning yet (some of which are brand new), I have been experimenting with different methods of research for topics and keywords.

One of my new best friends is the Google search bar. I type in 'how to' followed by a particular letter, such as 'a' and the suggestion tool comes up with the most searched phrases that begin with 'how to a' such as 'how to annotate'. With this list, I have been researching whether those articles have already been written on eHow (some haven't!) and what the competition is. My next phase will include using the Google Adwords keywoods tool, and I'll search for those phrases that have the highest PPC. It has made writing eHow articles much easier since I no longer have to come up with a topic- google does that for me!

I also recently found out that Suite 101 gives a bonus to its writers who reach the 50 article mark. I am still 46 articles away! But this gives me a lot of motivation to get there. Since Suite 101 articles take longer to write than others, I am not going to try and rush myself on those 46 articles just yet.

Here are some links to some helpful eHow articles regarding topic and niche research:
What's next on my resource list? Purchasing a copy of Writergig's eHow book. I've come across it many times and read great reviews from it. I need to write some extra DS articles, however, before I can buy it!


  1. Try this free ebook first. I, too, hear a lot of good things about WriterGig's book, but this one's free and has been working for me:

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Hope you reach the 50 article target for eHow.. I've set one up for myself for Suite 101 and its going quite well.. Don't you just love writing for Suite?? :-)
    All the best!

  3. Congrats on your success thus far. I look forward to following your progress. I can also recommend Writergig's ebook.

  4. Eve
    I have read that eBook before, but thanks for the link- it never hurts to read it again!

  5. Good luck reaching the 50 eHow articles. That is my goal too, but I won't reach it by the end of the month. Between Suite101 and eHow, I'm lucky to finish two articles a day. I'm up to 16 articles at Suite101, but they aren't big money makers yet.

  6. I am only 2 articles away from the 50 mark. Probably 30 of which I completed this month. In the three months I have been a part of Ehow, my total current earnings are over $40. I may look into keyword research a little bit more but writing naturally and submitting my articles to every available social bookmarking site I can seems to be the best way for me.Good luck!



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